August 22, 2020

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Excerpts from the interview of Gokulam Kerala FC’s coach Vincenzo Alberto Annese.

Coach, welcome to GKFC family! Hope you are doing fine. You will be coming to India for the first time and how do you see the shift? What are your expectations about GKFC and football here?

Coaching in India has always been one of my goals. Population of India is about 136 crore people. Football will grow exponentially in India and there will be lot of fans in India. The fans support will help us a lot. I am sure that the experience that I have will help me to do productive work and show high performance in the history of the GKFC.

You have considerable experience, managing Belize national team, working in Ghana and also in Indonesia. How these experiences have helped you to evolve your style of play? Also how do you think these experiences are going to help you in India?

Well working in many countries helps me to know the approach of game. My experiences keep me developing and improving my skills and knowledge to read the game and choose right tactic for each game.

What is your football philosophy and what can the fans expect from you?

I believe in my ability to resurrect struggling teams or the teams need to move to another level. My philosophy is based on reviving the form of the players, tailoring the approach of individual players and sticking to the principles of tactical discipline, fluidity in movement. I also give more weight to squad fitness and mentality to work as a team for success. Right now, I don’t want to reveal my tactical formation because I need to know first my players personally.

I have been working with the club CEO, team manager and physical trainer since I joined the club. Though I am not in India, the preparation is going well. I am so excited to come and start our pre-season camp with my team.

Gokulam is known for promoting youngsters and especially talents from Malabar region. What can the young players expect from you?

I love to work with youth players because they are in general more flexible to work with. They can learn new tactics easily. Also I want that some of these youngsters to play for India. I will help them in achieving this.

Have you watched our matches? What is your take on last season and the players we have?

I have checked all the matches you have played last season. I liked the quality of the squad and also the possession you had. I plan to bring more attacking intent to your game and. I will try to create more goal-scoring chances for the team.

This year’s I League will be conducted in Kolkata due to Covid19 pandemic. There wont be any home and away matches. Usually for GKFC we have good number of crowd. Do you think playing away from home will be a disadvantage?

It’s not a disadvantage because all team will play in same location. Of course all team in India want their fans to support in their home ground. But unfortunately this covid-19 requires us to have a particular season maybe without supporters and with specific protocols. I know our supporters will follow us on TV and social media.

Other than winning title, what will be your aim at GKFC?

For sure all my job will be aimed at winning the title but besides this, mental work with players, motivation to win, and so on is also important for me.

You have won several titles in your career. We at GKFC also dream big and push ourselves maximum to win and bring trophies home. Can the fans dream bigger this time?

They must dream because we need their affection and their support, including media support, in order to make the dream come true. I would like to make the club know for its imposing game in the country.

Kolkata is known as a lucky ground for GKFC and the I League is going to happen there. How do you expect the campaign will pan out?

I hope it turns out in the best way, I would love to raise a trophy in India and give this happiness to all our supporters



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