July 17, 2020

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I admire Kerala’s football culture: Ronald Singh

Kozhikode, July 17: For Gokulam Kerala FC new signing Ngangom Ronald Singh, Kozhikode is not an unfamiliar place. His debut match in I League was here at EMS Corporation Stadium in the 2017-18 season, in which he scored a goal.

“I don’t forget that match. It was my debut match for NEROCA FC in ILeague and I was able to score in that after coming as a substitute. I was able to score a goal to seal a 3-0 win against Gokulam,” said the forward.

He also scored another goal against Malabarians to seal a win for NEROCA FC – again after coming as a substitute – in the previous season.

The forward now aims big with Malabarians. “I was able to play well in both of the matches and I am proud of myself. But at the same time there were mistakes, which I hope to perfect in the next season. My dream is nothing less than to become I League champions with Gokulam Kerala FC,” he said.

“I know the team very well. There are several Manipuri players and I have talked to them before joining the club. The squad is really strong and we can contend for title next season for sure. With the fan’s support, I think it is possible,” he said.

Having playing against Gokulam Kerala FC in front of a 30,000-strong home fans at EMS Corporation Stadium in the opening match of the 2019-20 season, he says he admired the support of Malabarians.

“When I came to Kozhikode to play against Gokulam, it was a great atmosphere. The fans supported Gokulam with all their hearts. It was a great experience. It is always nice to play in front of a good crowd. I admire this football culture in Kerala,” he said.

“If you guys are there to back us next season, we will pour our hearts on the field and success will follow. I am just waiting to meet them and play in front of them,” he added.


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