November 19, 2019

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Lalromawia aims ILeague glory with Malabarians

For Lalromawia, joining Golulam Kerala FC was something unexpected. Hailing from a village called Samlukhai in Mizoram, the forward was playing for Chhinga Veng, a second division I-League club from Mizoram when Malabarians approached the player.

Other than playing Santosh Trophy for his state team, he had no prior experience playing outside Mizoram and Gokulam Kerala FC were a nowhere when he heard the offer.

But the stocky forward, opted to take up the challenge, and has proved his decision was correct by playing crucial role for Malabarians in the Durand Cup and Sheikh Kamal International Club Cup.

“This is my first time playing outside Mizoram and I have taken up the challenge. I really enjoy playing here and I am looking to do the best for the club. I have adapted to the playing style, food and climate,” says Lalromawia.

For the Mizo forward, the playing style deployed by the Argentine coach Fernando Varela was something new like his newfound home. “In Chhinga Veng, I used to play more as an attacking midfielder. Here I was asked to play upfront. It is not difficult and I am enjoying it,” he says.

Another major challenge the 21-year-old has is to play along with two foreign strikers Henry Kisekka and Marcus Joseph. Both the forwards have proved a deadly combination for the Malabarians and Lalromowia believes it has been revelation playing along with them.

“It is all about what I can learn from these players. When we play together they don’t distrust me. Though I am inexperienced, they have never underestimated me. Their on-and-off field humbleness is something everything has to learn from. I believe they are the best forwards in I-League,” he said.

Another foreigner, who has caught the eyes of Lalromawia is the Varela. “This is the first foreign coach I am working under. There are lot of new and different things I have learned so far under him. He has put a great amount of trust in me despite having the best lot. His tactics are very flexible and we expect to win the league this season,” he said.

Lalromawia wants to score more goals and he is expecting a sell-out crowd for the opener against Neroca FC. “We are playing the best football in the country and we will surely entertain any football fan who comes to watch us. I believe our fans will throng the stadium and make it difficult for the away team,” he says.

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