May 9, 2020

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Lockdown Blues 2: Ubaid’s life in red zone

Kozhikode, May 9: At first, CK Ubaid was not able to fathom the new realities of the Covid19 pandemic and the ensuing lockdown. The goalkeeper from Koothuparambu in Kannur has been living in a red zone for the past one month and says the experience has been an eye-opener.

“Never in my life, I have experienced something like this. I reached home before the lockdown and have been since inside the home. We were not even permitted to go to shops as Kannur was a red zone. Even essentials were brought to the houses by the government volunteers,” says Ubaid CK.

His home district Kannur had 118 cases and is one of the last two districts to be in the red zone in Kerala. “At first, it was a little scary. But as days passed by, we understood normalcy will return. Now the emotional trauma has gone and we are getting ready for a fresh start,” he said.

During lockdown Ubaid was busy with his fitness routine outlined by Malabarians fitness coach Djair Garcia. “Though you cannot compare house workout with something you do at gym or beach, it eases out a lot of mental stress and occupy lot of time. I believe we should not be idle because once everything settles down, we need to cope with the usual life.”

The goalkeeper also kept busy with cooking and household chores. “Usually most of the time I used to be away from home. But now I got ample time to help my parents. I cooked a lot and did household chores. Most of Gokulam players used to come on video chat. It was totally a different life but it was fun,” he added.

“It has been an eye-opener altogether. I understood that there are lot of small things around us, which we often do not notice due to our busy schedule. I take every experience as positive and I suggest everyone should learn something from each of their life experience,” he added.


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